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The Original Flowing Screed

Features & Benefits

Speedy Application 

Up to 2000m2 can be installed by 3 to 4 operatives in 1 day.

Typical day would see 500 to 750m2 laid compared to a maximum 200m2 of traditional screed. 

Delivered Ready Mix

Delivered to the job site in mixer trucks in a 'ready to use' condition, thus eliminating the time and space required for site mixing and concerns relating to manual handling for site operatives.

Thermally Efficient

Improved thermal efficiency when used with underfloor heating compared to traditional screed. This is because of the flowing nature of Supaflo which fully encapsulates the heating pipes 

Quality Assurance

Supaflo is only supplied to trained and approved registered contractors

No Need For Stress Relief

Large areas can be laid without the need for stress relief / movement joint - 1600m2. Cement / sand screed is usually partitioned in to 30 to 40m2 bays. 

High Dimensional Stability

A high degree of dimensional stability means that cracking within the screed is vastly reduced and curling almost totally eliminated. These are two issues commonly seen on traditional site mixed screeds.

Rapid Early Strength

Rapid early strength gains allows early trafficking, typically within 24 to 48 hours, compared to 3 to 7 days for cement/ sand screed 

Improved Flexural Strength

Reduced section thickness due to improved flexural strength, 75mm of traditional screed is frequently replaced with 40mm of supaflo, which improves drying times, thermal insulation values and cost. 

A flowing screed flooring solution based on a calcium sulphate binder.

Gyvlon Eco is the original flowing, self smoothing Calcium Sulphate based self levelling screed. It has been widely available throughout the industry for 20 years, and is the screed of chance with flowing screeds.

Calcium Sulphate based flowing screed can provide significant benefits over traditional ‘semi dry’ site mixed screeds for the following reasons:- scale of application, ease of placement, excellence of surface finish, attainable accuracy of level and the virtual elimination of cracking and curling.

Gyvlon Thermio+

A screed with high thermal conductivity for use with underfloor heating systems

Gyvlon Thermio+ screed with high thermal conductivity for use with underfloor heating systems.


Gyvlon Thermio+ is a self compacting flowing screed specifically intended for use with underfloor heating systems and is formulated to provide a floor with higher thermal conductivity when compared to traditional cement, sand screed and regular flowing screed.

Gyvlon Excelio

Within the Gyvlon Screed 'Levelling' range, Excelio Technology has been developed to offer a unique solution for a thin floor construction, specifically targeted to bridge the gap between self-smoothing compounds and bonded screeds.

Excelio is a ready mixed truck delivered screed that can be applied from just 12mm. Up to 83m2 can be achieved for each cubic metre, eliminating the need for an expensive bagged alternative.

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